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1. - opening act : the dawn -
2. Tutti Sacro
3. The Great Depression
4. The Path
5. Giant With Feet Of Clay - pt. II
6. The Den
7. - interlude : the dusk -
8. Blank Letter
9. Neighbloodhood
10. Message
11. Asphalt Ashtray
12. Deep Slashes

Produced by Carlos Rocha & Rafael Rodrigues
Mixed by Carlos Rocha at Eyeball Studios
Art & Design by Ruben Azevedo at RADesign

BOOKING : kukuklock@hotmail.com
FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/anxtasy


released September 28, 2013

Recorded between March & July 2013 at Eyeball Studios
Produced by Carlos Rocha & Rafael Rodrigues
Mixed by Carlos Rocha at Eyeball Studios

All music performed by AN X TASY except when mentioned in the lyrics.
All lyrics by Rafael Rodrigues except 'The Den' (Rafael Rodrigues & Nuno Gonçalves).

Art & Design by Ruben Azevedo.

AN X TASY is: Rafael Rodrigues, Nuno Gonçalves, João Bernardo, Bruno Pereira & Ricardo Botequilha.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Tutti Sacro
A slave to the murder, a slave to the kill
A slave of war, for the oil, for the bill
A slave of the master, a slave of the nation
A slave of the king, a slave for all annihilation

The father, the son and the holy spirit
The church, the bishop and the rosary
The bible, the prayers, the hypocrisy
Is the priest on acid and on XTC?

My enemy’s enemy is my biggest friend
Recycle your own soul, recycle your own mind
Recycle your own heart, recycled you’re just trash

FAITH is what they SELL and you’re goin’ to HELL
Go and buy every fucking thing, swallow all the lies they tell
HATE is what they GIVE and you BELIEVE
You’re a slave of the system, those pills will bring you agony

gOD made man at his image on his 6th day
To dominate every fucking animal who let him play
jESUS, jUDAS and a happy ending on Friday 13
They cherish, they perish, they make history
Your blindfold blinds you, you cannot see

Land of the free, home of the slaves
Handcuffs and chains, I’m paralyzed.

(solo : Bruno)

You made a pact with the devil
You sold your soul to the system… YOU ARE FUCKING GONE!
Track Name: The Great Depression
I have poison inside, I live with venom inside
I’m not a snake, I’m just a horse you can’t ride
I am a viper, I am a sniper
You are just a goddam loser, motherfucker!

Untie that rope ‘round your neck
Unveil hope… 1,2, check!
This is your very last goodbye
It’s your choice, no reason why
Pride blinds you, but for what?
Brothers in arms, a past you forgot
With or without us I hope you feel well
The web that you build, the pit where you fell.

You’re so great… a great depression.

A hundred dues you didn’t pay
A thousand words you forgot to say
Hey baby, good luck on your way.

I have poison inside, I live with venom inside.

Play games, you lose, what a shame
We never played but won this game
While you’re talking, silence is nice.
Act like a man, that’s my advice.
Truth is true, it’s crystal clear.
Each lie you say reveals your fears.
With or without us I hope you are fine
Threats and denials but this ecstasy’s mine.

(solo : Nuno)
(solo : Bruno)

(Half-man, you’re your own prey)
(Hey player, you fucked your way)

…we love you anyway…
Track Name: The Path
So many times you criticized me when I was wrong
This is what I believe, not another simple song
I’ve passed thru a lot of shit but here I am again
My soul is all I’ve got, although it’s full of stains


My heart keeps beating strong
It beats for you, it bleeds for you
My heart keeps burning strong
It burns for you, he pumps for you

The world is lost but I am only lost without you
And nothing makes sense when you are not around
We always need time but we’re always running from it
We think we’re lost but soon we will be found

(solo : Bruno)

He cries for you, He lies for you
He lives for you, He’ll die for you
Track Name: Giant With Feet Of Clay - pt. II
I was walking around, completely bound
to society’s barcodes & ID’s
Working with what I once learned
From this bay to the farthest overseas
I saw a man with no eyes totally disguised
of a person that’s living faceless
He was on his knees begging right where he was standing
Living in his own laziness

I told him a word but then came a bird
And he ran as quick as the light
I fell powerless, I couldn’t care less
But I lost him out of my sight
I remember his arms which kept me alarmed
They seemed like an opened soil
The river ran red but he’s already dead
From the poison he loves to boil

…it was the routine of a single lost man…

Man’s life is a gift we love to resist
And we challenge it from the bottom of our heart
But our love won’t fit while we try to insist
That our sins are our most beautiful art

The stronger we get, the choices we bet
Become as wrong as our fears
We close our eyes to life and trade it for a wife
That leaves us nothing but tears
We want life to be easy, we love to be busy
And then we’re closed in a box
We run but can’t hide, a circle has no sides
We’re the sheep but also the fox

…it was the routine for a single dead man…

(solo : Nuno)

As he walks through the valley of the dead
I pray for him, I pray for all that’s sacred in him
As he walks through the shadow of the devil
I pray for him, I pray for all that’s sacred in him

His face was so sad like a forest with no trees
I did all I could but he misunderstood
All I wanted was to help his pain cease
He thought I came for the worst…
…but the word I said was just ‘Peace’.

(solo : Bruno)

(Humans are the only beings that can’t be human
We feel like giants but we’re nothing but dwarfs.)
Track Name: The Den
A handshake, a vow
Our backs won’t turn in times of need
Whether you’re up or down
I’ll never let the floor know your knees

Black, white or blue
The blood in me is the same as the blood in you
Come, cut my wrists, I insist
And you will feel the same pain too

Wolves are barking
Protecting the pack, ready to react
They might run away but they’ll never forget
They will never forget

We wanna be hugged, wanna be loved
But we’re not able to make the effort
To gather all our weapons
To keep the things we really need

We’re wasting energies, saving memories
From a past that once was true
Now it’s over, now it’s gone
It’s time to reap what we sow

…welcome to the den…

(solo : Bruno)
Track Name: Blank Letter
There are things that will never change
Times get tough, people get rough
And the curtain is always closing in.

There are men that will never change
Kids like animals, humans like cannibals
And the end is always there.

The problem is the lack of respect
The excess of sorrow, the excess of regrets

We are the problem and all the solutions
We fill the tank with plain dissolutions
We fill the sun and the sea and the world
We love the ocean but we can’t stand its cold.

A baby is born tattered and torn
His cries are so pure, naive and true
The future is far and will leave a scar

Man is a poor selfish human being
Complaining about superficial matters
Then he becomes dead like a blank letter

The problem is we never play fair
There’s an excess of envy but care is so rare

It’s always me... always me against you
The lack of attention that could break through
The problem is that we're always alone
We hate each other but we live by the phone

(solo : Nuno)
Track Name: Neighbloodhood
Attempted to fail so many times
Erasing words from unwritten lines
I had to stand up when I fell
I trusted all the lies they said

Sometimes we missed, sometimes we scored
Sometimes we smiled, sometimes got bored
But here we are, homeless, with no food
We stuck together – neighbloodhood

We’ve been sinking together in our own misery
And I will stay here forever, this is a true part of me
We try, we choose, we fail, we lose
Sometimes it’s tight, sometimes it gets loose
We’ll drown here together in our own misery.

10 years of falls and tears
Bitterness that won’t disappear
It’s never enough, we always want more
Pride will prevail but life is a whore

(solo : Bruno)
Track Name: Message
With a shot in the dark that ignited a spark
I arose from the world’s evil as a giant dog’s bark
Hundreds of missiles, cannonballs and parachutes
Primitive ways of leadership have changed roots
…ladies and gentlemen, my name is WAR.

I wrote this letter to you, will it ever pass through
All emotions, all devotions
And all the pain this world brought too?

The surface that I’ve reached from the ocean underneath
With a powerful submarine that kept me hidden beneath
I’ve fought against all fishes and felt the biggest shark
I’ve changed the ecosystem every time I left my mark

Bubbles and blisters, breathing, then choking
Humanity’s losing their best dreams and hopes
I’ve traveled across all seas but never got further
I’ve passed through all storms, I’ve overcame all thunders
…by the way, my name is MURDER.

(solo : Bruno)

Greed fueled by green power, strength becomes weakness
Our hearts are iron based and envy is our witness
Ears rolling on the floor to gain the blankest score
The sky became ash-grey like it never was before

Now all people are dead, they flew like the fastest breeze
Like a litter with no nest or all brothers I have missed
I arrived too goddam late, now it’s time for the cleaning
A new era is coming but I never understood its meaning
How can we fight each other when we’re all born the same way?
How can we kill one another, believe in god and pray?
How can we burn our sins every day and every night?
How can we sleep so tight having faith on the saints above?

I’m screaming in vain, screaming in vain
Can you help me? ( Help me! ) Erase my pain.
I’m screaming in vain again and again
Can you help me? ( Help me! ) Erase my pain.

…my name is LOVE.
Track Name: Asphalt Ashtray
This is my last call to your understanding
Darkness, umbra, shade and light bending
Recover, take over, they cover, their clovers
Emotion, slow motion, the night – commotion

É tanta a dor e frustração que pesa.
É muita oração, fé e reza
Por mais questões que a mim me coloque
Acabo só à espera que sufoque

Sleep in coma for the rest of your time
Wife and son crying as I rhyme
Since the day you went I never lived again
Now I’m (here) alone, empty and filled with pain

A esperança é a última a morrer, tanto que ficou por entender

I ride my soul in this asphalt ashtray
I save all my goals as they start to fade… they fade away

São tantas as dúvidas que persistem
São tantos os cavalos que resistem
O alcatrão que todos querem sentir
Mais um clarão que o fado vai tingir

The wheels roll hard above the pavement they tag
Then a man soon becomes a fulfilled body bag
A dark rainbow shines as the healthiest cancer
Two shots, one bullet thru a Siamese dancer
It’s a death penalty for the unconscious animal
Who in thirst of adrenaline has turned into a cannibal
Lifes stolen, taken, robbed and thrown away
Lost and forgotten, served on a cemetery’s tray

A esperança é a última a morrer, tanto que ficou por entender

(solo : Nuno)

I write my soul every time night turns to gray
I save all my goals today as they fade away
Track Name: Deep Slashes
Mankind longs for greed
Lust they feed while the poor bleed
We stand still, powerless
Divided, alone, full of stress
Sand is thrown into our eyes
We don’t realize we’re living in lies
We wanna believe all they say is real
Then slashes get deeper and they won’t heal
The world is lost, dead, forgotten
We pay the bills weak and rotten
We talk of action but we’re stuck.
Who cares?! Bad luck.

…I’m not like you…I don’t trust you…

When I’m shooting words of truth I am aiming at your head
Words of peace, words of freedom, from a mouth that can’t be fed
I consume all your thoughts and you are eating all my strikes
Your world is not the same as you can’t beat me in this strife

Crying, hoping for salvation, I pray to clean all the hatred
No gods, no fucking saviors in this uncreated world
I consume all your thoughts and you are eating all my strikes
Your world is not the same as you can’t beat me in this life

(chorus #1)
All I can do is scream, all I am living : a dream
Big companies are playing while we keep on praying
All I can do is fight from side to side, from left to right
We are dust, remaining ashes, full of rust into deep slashes

Pills for weight, lotions for hair
Keep us distracted everywhere
Bugs are flying and dragons lying
Commercials making your own bed
We want beauty, sensuality
Seduction, low profile morality
We’re so hollow, oh so empty
Oh so hollow, oh so empty.
The world is lost, dead, forgotten
We pay the bills weak and rotten
We talk of action but we’re stuck.
Who cares?! Bad luck.
…I’m not like you…I will face you…

I’ve jumped off the highest bridges
I’ve kissed all of the worst witches
I’ve driven the fastest Porsches
I have lit the darkest torches
I’ve fought the hardest enemies
I’ve swallowed all memories
I’ve drunk the most killer poisons
but I’ve remained true ‘til the end.

I’ve been the soul taker, I’ve worshiped the devil maker
I have followed so many ghosts and I’ve ended up alone
I have lost so many fights, I have broken a thousand lights
I have closed both my eyes and I’ve denied all your goodbyes.

(solo : Nuno)

Another face, another lie, another promise held to the sky
No truth, no veracity, no hope in this sick humanity
I consume all your thoughts and you are eating all my strikes
Your world is not the same as you can’t beat me in this strife

Don’t hide yourself behind your power
The higher you get, the lower you are
There is no flame that burns so high
It is a shame you’re not as I am
I consume all your thoughts and you are eating all my strikes
Your world is not the same as you can’t beat me in this strife

(chorus #2)
All I did was scream, all I have lived : a dream
Big companies have been playing while the people prayed
All I could do was fight from side to side, from left to right
We were dust, remaining ashes, full of rust into deep slashes

Stigmatized by society’s patterns
That classify you, that rectify you
You lose your own self-ID
Your tradition, roots and culture
You have become just another slave
Of the system that you had listened to
Now you’re a cyborg, half-human
Just a statistic, non-realistic

…just a statistic…another statistic…

(solo : Bruno)